Firefly Watching Tour

P 1,400 / Head

Firefly Watching is another exciting experience in Palawan.

At the River you will transfer in to Paddle Boats, which will take you up a 10 meter wide stretch of the Mangrove perimeter.  The River tour will last approximately 30-45 minutes.

Taking place just before dusk, this tour allows you to get closer to nature and, in particular, the dazzling and flickering insects known as “Fireflies” or “Lighting Bugs”


Take this chance to be closer to nature and enjoy the beautiful, peaceful and calm river, with the nearby trees lit up, just like Christmas Trees, by the Fireflies.

Please Note: Absolutely no flash photography, as this will disturb the Fireflies causing them to leave the immediate area

At the River

Fireflies live in abundance amongst the mangroves and trees, which are perfectly situated along the banks of the Sicsican and Iwahig Rivers.  This location is ideal as it is away from the light pollution experienced in the city.